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Annual / 100 hr/ Condition Inspections include the following:

  • Pre and post inspection run-up for systems checks
  • Propeller balance check
  • Tachometer accuracy check 
  • Cylinder compression check
  • Spark-plug cleaning and testing
  • Battery servicing and capacity check
  • Engine oil and filter change (filter is cut-open and inspected)**
  • Air filter change**
  • Lubrication of pulleys, hinges, bellcranks and grease fittings.
  • Magneto-to-engine timing check
  • Dressing of propeller blades
  • Service of landing gear struts with fluid and nitrogen
  • Service of shimmy dampener
  • Testing of landing gear retraction and emergency extension
  • ELT inspection
  • Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior items as necessary
  • Cleaning aircraft exterior and engine
  • Vacuuming interior
  • 1 hour of AD research / records review

        ** LABOR ONLY  (Quoted price includes labor for the inspection but does not include parts, consumables, oil, filters and shop supplies.) 

  After the inspection is completed, a list of discrepancies, with estimated cost to repair each item, will be given to the owner/operator.   Next, a "decision-point meeting" will be had where written approval is given to the maintenance department to correct selected discrepancies. Only then, will repair work commence.  To clarify: All parts and labor for the correction of discrepancies, AD compliance and any additional items will be evaluated and quoted separately from the annual inspection.

​Keep in mind, the 24 month 91.411 and 91.413 Altimetry and Transponder certifications are not part of inspections. However, we will notify the customer when they are due.
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Western Aviation's Maintenance Department offers quality airframe and power plant services that include annual inspections, pre-purchase evaluations, routine maintenance, structural repairs, and aircraft modifications. 

Specializing in Annual Inspections 
 Whether your aircraft is new or old it is very important that you take the annual inspection seriously. Western's Maintenance Department researches all AD’s (Airworthiness Directives) for your aircraft and reviews your log books to make sure all AD’s are addressed. They review the manufacturer's service manual for your aircraft and follow the specified sequence for the annual inspection. 
Please Note: It is critical that whoever services your aircraft have access to the service manual and AD reports and records for your aircraft. 

Minimize Aircraft Downtime
When your aircraft is in for scheduled maintenance, you may want to consider the downtime and schedule avionics upgrades or modifications concurrently. Western's Maintenance and Avionics teams work closely together to minimize aircraft downtime.

FAA Approved Repair Station #GG6R560N
Western Aviation's Maintenance and Avionics Departments maintain the highest level of quality.  Western's experienced technicians reguarly receive recurrent training and their quality control system is continually audited and modified. This allows Western to provide you with the highest service standards.

Joe Fritz, Maintenance Manager
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Specializing in Piper PA-46 and Jetprops