Main Phone   509-534-7371
Line Service   509-939-8197
Western Aviation's  Line Service Department desire is to make your arrival and departure as smooth as possible.  Western prides themselves on going above and beyond for their customers.  Line Service will assist you with your baggage, fueling, rental car, hotel reservations and anything else you might need.  Western's goal is to ensure that crew and passengers have an enjoyable visit to Spokane.

Line Service: 509-939-8197

Unicom: 122.95

Western proudly offer Phillips 66® 100LL and Jet-A fuel (Jet-A is premixed with Prist anti-icing) available via full or self service. Use your Phillips 66® Aviation Card with your WingPoints® Rewards Card and get twice as many points. Find out more about the Phillips 66® WingPoints program by clicking on the WingPoints logo. Western also honors a variety of additional contract fuel programs and accept all major aviation related and non-aviation related credit cards.  If you are unsure if we accept your card type, please contact our Line Service department.  We'll be happy to check if your card can be used at our fuel pumps.

Rental Car & Hotel Coordination
Western can coordinate your ground transportation, rental car and hotel accommodations. Through Western, you can receive discounted rates at several hotels in the area.  Need a car?  We have mid and full sized cars available for on-site rental and can often provide specialty vehicles upon request.  Call us any time to check on rental car availability for your visit to Spokane.

Hours of Operation 
Please see our Contact Us page.

After Hours Terminal Access
In the event you need to access the Historic Terminal after hours, you will need to enter the Felts Field tower frequency into the keypad next to the main terminal entry door.
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